Hypoallergenic Nail polisher are not risk free for those with allergies!

These products are suitable only for some cases, says expert.
We are passionate about colorful and stylish nails. But not all girls manage to keep this addiction without worries. Who are allergic to nail polish usually suffer and not get tired of looking for solutions. One is the hypoallergenic products that promise to prevent allergies and does not harm the skin. It may sound great, but we must be careful because they are not miracle workers.

“They do not solve the problem,” says dermatologist Daniela Landim. According to the expert, these products are suitable only for certain cases. “There are two different types of allergy. Can a contact dermatitis that has arisen for an immediate or prolonged exposure. The first is characterized by irritation that occurs after the person is exposed to a component which your body is already allergic. The second, more common, occurs thanks to the frequent use of products – cleaning, for example – what causes this irritation, which did not exist before, is developed over time. The hypoallergenic only work if the case arises by prolonged exposure “, he explains.

Allergy actually is not on the nails, but on the skin. In contact with the substance that triggers irritation, begins an inflammatory process that can be perceived by swelling, redness of the skin or itching. “It is always necessary to consult a dermatologist to do a test that can determine what type of allergy. Thus, treatment is easy, with creams or specific drugs, “Daniela guides.

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