Hypoallergenic makeup: You know what it is?

 Discover the main differences between conventional makeup and suitable for people with sensitive skin

Hypoallergenic makeup: You know what it is?

Have you ever stopped to think how people are different from each other? In the makeup that’s even easier to see, after all is normal we love a product, use every day, and time to lend to a friend, realizing that the product does not work as well as the skin of another person. Sometimes I think it’s easier to find someone with tastes totally similar to ours, than with the same skin.

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But finding a good cosmetic can be an even more difficult task for those who have respiratory allergies or sensitive skin. The beauty products are made from many ingredients and for allergy sufferers, apply some substances on the face can mean an uncomfortable day with lots of sneezing and even ardências and swelling face.

Until recently who suffered with sensitivities and allergies could not wear make-up, there were few cosmetic options that met this growing demand of the population and when they were available, they were extremely expensive and often imported.

But that is changing. Gradually and more companies are realizing that we need to decrease the amount of ingredients in formulating products. Thus, the substances are more pure and offer less chance of people can not use that lipstick dream because it has a tiny amount of an ingredient that does that damage our health.

An example of this are the lines of mineral makeup, more and more companies are launching and we can already find good choices made in Brazil. The spread of these products, when compared to conventional cosmetics, is that all its formula is based on natural raw materials, which greatly reduces the chances of allergy.

Initially it was possible to find only shadows with this composition. And it’s easy to spot: the format is usually rounded on the surface of the case, they are often not pressed.Mineral shadows made so successful that soon appeared base, powder, lipstick, pencil … There is a universe of mineral options for those who have sensitive skin and my favorite brands that offer good products are: The Apothecary, MAC and BareMinerals.

If you’ve experienced mineral makeups and yet was still not satisfied, a tip is to keep an eye on the composition of the products and seek a dermatologist to find out what the substance really is bad for you.

In addition to mineral products, there are several other market facing those who suffer from skin sensitivity, as the makeup from Clinique. They also seek to keep the formula with the lowest possible number of ingredients, no added fragrances in their products and test it 12 times in cosmetic 600 people … It is, in any of these tests, a single person has allergic reactions, they have do not throw! Cool huh? Of course because of these so strict, they end up having less shade of some makeups, such as shadows, only sold in more neutral colors. But if you really suffer from allergies, you should still be a treat!

Another brand that I love and that has good makeup treatment is Dermage, that despite having a variety of products a little lower than the Clinique, works with more affordable.

But anyway, keep an eye on the label:

The products indicated as hypoallergenic are those whose formulas were created to prevent itching and formation of plaque over the pores. They have no preservatives such as paraben, phenoxyethanol and the isothiazolinone.
Already listed as allergy alleviate the redness caused by the immune system of those who have sensitive skin. They are best suited for people who really can not use common cosmetics, after all have specific agents to combat allergic reactions.

And you know any other brand of hypoallergenic or anti-allergic makeup? You know someone who suffers from skin sensitivity? Leave in the comments! I do not have allergies, not like anything, but I imagine it is very difficult for a woman in love with makeup have so many restrictions.

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