Hypoallergenic and antiallergic: What is the difference?

Having sensitive skin requires much care and we need to pay special attention to the products to be used as moisturizers, facial and body cleansing, deodorants, among others, because many of them contain substances that can trigger allergy symptoms such as dermatitis contact, which is an allergic reaction to some components and the symptoms are:

Flaking skin.
When people discover they have sensitive skin, they begin to search for specific products for your skin type, and then comes a big question:

Products must be hypoallergenic or antiallergy?

Despite it seems to have the same function, its functions and formulations are quite different.

The hypoallergenic products are free of substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Laboratories, when they want to launch a hypoallergenic product, do tests and try to eliminate all substances that can trigger an allergy crisis, but the guarantee that this will not happen is almost zero, since there are components that can cause some effect on certain people and it is unknown.

The antiallergic drugs are and their function is to treat allergic reactions, unlike the hypoallergenic, which prevents the reaction to take place. When there is a crisis in the skin reaction to any component, the allergy are given to that mitigate these symptoms and to have presentations in cream and ointment, people end up confusing their actions with those of hypoallergenic products.

For babies most products are hypoallergenic, because the skin of the small is very sensitive and if you use any product that is not hypoallergenic, may suffer with any reaction to components that are used to preserve this type of product.

It is possible that many people have allergy to any component of cosmetic products and find lifelong, since it is not possible to know all the substances, so it is essential that before using an allergy test done. In the case of moisturizers, anti-aging, among others, pass on a small area of skin and wait for a few hours to use again.

In the case of makeup, hair dye and other chemicals, look for information before using and always do the allergy test, because when it comes to chemicals, such as dyes, the chance of allergic reaction is higher.

If you already know you have sensitive skin, so please use hypoallergenic products and always read the label before use, this way you will be preventing allergic reactions manifest themselves and you need to use the allergy.

For those who want to get rid of allergies.

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