Dry and cold weather can cause diseases and skin irritation

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With the proximity of the winter, the weather is getting cold and the lower humidity. In this period, the skin loses water, becomes dehydrated and dry and can flake off. The lips also suffer from cracks. Dryness of the skin indicates denaturation of proteins and this can cause some diseases such as seborrheic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis. Therefore, care must be taken to maintain healthy skin to the warm weather again.

According to dermatologist Joana Costa, of the Dermatology Clinic Joana Costa, this time people often take more hot bath, which damages the skin. “The very hot bath and time consuming causes removal of natural oil more intensely, reducing the lipid mantle retains moisture in the skin. Use dowels and other lather the skin also helps to change the composition of the hydrolipid mantle (natural moisturizer produced by the body) that protects the dermis, “says the doctor.

After bathing it is important to use specific moisturizers for the face and body. In the case of oily and acne-prone skin should avoid the common moisturizer on your face, and use oil-free in areas of higher oiliness (face and chest).

To clean the skin, especially the face, one should prefer products that remove impurities, but without promoting dryness or accentuation of wrinkles. Cleaning lotions are more suitable than the soaps, they provide deep cleansing, maintain the natural moisture of the skin and are not irritating, and can even be used in areas of the eyes. Its detergent action is achieved through gentle and hypoallergenic substances.

In the case of soaps, liquids are more suitable than in bar because they have ph (index that measures the natural balance of the skin acidity) more neutral. “Human skin has pH 5.5, and a bar of soap to be neutral must have a pH equal to or less than 7.0. bar soaps have a pH greater than 7.0 due to the materials responsible for the highly alkaline consistency. Already liquid soaps, not contain such substances, are less aggressive and smoother, “says dermatologist.

When the skin is very dry peeling may occur in the head and face known as seborrheic dermatitis. The most common symptoms of this disease are characterized by intense production of sebum, flaking and pruritus (itching). Dandruff may range from fine scaling up the formation of large crusts adhered to the scalp.

“The combination of the cold and dry climate can further increase the oiliness in those who have oily skin and worsen seborrheic dermatitis around the nose, eyebrows, behind the ears and scalp,” said Joan Costa.

Itching can also be atopic dermatitis signal, which causes skin lesions on the face, trunk and limbs. Childhood injuries are reddish and escamam. In adolescents and adults, the lesions appear more frequently in the areas of skin folds, such as the posterior region of the knees, neck and folds her arms. The skin of these sites becomes thicker, rough and blackened.

In addition to deeply moisturize the skin, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. At this time, although there is less incidence of UVB rays responsible for sunburn, UVA radiation, the main cause of skin aging, remains strong in this period. So sunscreen should be used daily.

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